Hey Y'all, I'm Grace!!

I'm a Florida/Georgia based Portrait Photographer. I currently live in North Florida, but spend most of my time in between here and South Georgia. My perfect afternoon would consist of having a sweet tea in my hand riding around back country road with the windows down blasting country tunes. Ahh excited just talking about it. To make it even better going to a mexican resturaunt hahah my local mexican resturaunt I go to, the people pretty much know me at this point because I go wayyyy too much.

On top of doing photography, I also love going to the beach or going out in the boat, loveee cooking especially out of my Magnolia cookbooks...so yummy!! I also work for a salon here in Tallahassee assisting two hairstylist for weddings between Florida and Georgia. Anddd I also work as a afterschool counselor at a local private school - I don't know what it is, but working with little kids just makes me so happy. I look forward to work everyday and hearing all about their crazy stories from the day.

That is a little preview of me...I am currently based in Tallahassee, Fl. but would love to travel anywhere to capture your special moments.

Fun fact about me: I cannot stand peanut butter and I think coffee is nasty.

My Journey

I remember getting my first camera when I was in the 5th grade for Christmas! I remember being so excited and taking it with me everywhere I went. Fast forward to high school, I joined my school's yearbook staff, so I got to play with cameras every day! I also took a graphic design class, which is where I learned how to use a lot of adobe software and tons of designs for my yearbook class. It was always so much fun and in my senior year, I became Yearbook Editor!! Then, I got the idea to start a photography business.